Message from Sister Provincial

Dear All,

I am glad to announce that we, the SCJMs in Sri Lanka own a web space now! Owning a web space creates many possibilities and opens up numerous vistas. A website is a unique way to connect across boundaries, to forge links and bridge gaps. As a powerful tool of communication it will be a vehicle to carry our history and our message of Love to the world!

For our province and as SCJMs, reserving a space in the web will help us to be closely interconnected. It will create stronger bonds of communion and will strengthen links that bind and knit us together through mutual support and prayer.

There are no limits as to what the website can do for us. Opportunities can be availed of, for us to share how we live our mission; and the various challenging ways by which we SCJMs witness to and express our Charism today, in the 21st Century and hopefully beyond …. May all those who visit “ be inspired by what is shared, be enthused and challenged to become faithful followers of Jesus Christ. I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Sampath who helped us to open the website and the small band of SCJMs who worked with him to make this dream a reality.

May God bless you!

Sr. Ajitha Fernando

Provincial Superior

Sri Lanka