Beyond your tears…

Do you feel sad of what is happening around the world? Live your part, because God our ever loving Father is there always near us to look after us , protect us and to comfort us. pour out all your sorrows to Him; you will see Jesus beside you.

By :- Michael Dubina

There is love, beyond your heartaches,

And content, beyond your tears,

When you take your grieves to Jesus

With a trust – not insincere;

He will heal your wounds and suffering

And renew your broken heart

To enjoy again, the pleasures

Love and happiness impart.

Do not suffer like martyr-

In a chosen life of gloom

For the Lord will lift your burdens

And the miseries they groom;

Come to Him, with faith and condor,

And a heart that is sincere,

To find love beyond your heartaches,

And content beyond your tears.