COVID – 19, and our work.

In between all the sad, bad, difficult and stressful life situations we faced am happy to give you an account of a few activities ‘Janakalana” (SALT) achieved from the 01st – to 10th November. 
By 10.00am on the 02nd morning we received a donation of 291 Dignity Packs with health needs from an USAID organization to be distributed to the FTZ workers poor and marginalized in a very inhuman manner owing to COVID 19.  
By 07.00am on the 03rd morning we received another donation of 90 Dry Ration packs from the HF sisters Colombo to be distributed for the same purpose.
Thanking God our Father for His caring concern over his crying voices of hunger and poverty, I did the distribution with the help of Neville our driver and a few others on behalf of the donors.
While appreciated the kindness and generosity of both donors we did justice equal to both parties the giver and receiver with grateful hearts. 

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