COVID 19 Experience in Kegalle

Amidst of COVID 19 pandemic, and bad weather that we experience very badly in our country, our elders are experiencing monotonous way of life. We need to get them out of this way of life. During Vesak festival, usually they go out and enjoy the Vesak decorations and dansal. Our Buddhist elders go to nearby temples and observe sil. Unfortunately due to this pandemic situation they are forced to stay inside. What could we do to take them out from this monotonous experience?

Yes, on the 25th of May (pre poya day) we arranged one of the Buddhist monks to visit our home and our Buddhist elders to observe sil.

We also made them to prepare Vesak decorations and decorated our home with lanterns.
On Vesak poya day we organized a Vesak dansal for all the meals and our priests opened the three main dansal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We organized dansal without their knowledge. They were thrilled and enjoyed everything.
Especially our Buddhist elders were very happy. This is what we need. Everything organized by the sisters.
We know you all who are helping us want to see the happiness of our elders. That is why I want to share these photos with you. Please enjoy with our elders.