In a world of innovation and digital revolution, the world experienced a sense of comfort, achievement, independence, instant gratification, pleasure, safety and security; a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, a vast connectivity, new means of livelihood and solutions or aid to some of our problems. However, globalized era has brought population explosion, consumerist attitude, individualism, extensive industrialization, illegal logging, pollution, shortage of water, drastic climate change, severe famine and poverty, abandonment, oppression, cultural discrimination, drought, deforestation, health problems/illness/incurable diseases, crimes, drug/internet addiction, exploitation of human beings and other natural resources, violations/abuse of power and rights and laws of nature, ecological crisis, wealth distribution imbalance, political/social crisis and other negative impacts/effects of this globalization.

The question is: Where are we standing today? Are we standing like Moses in the “Burning Bush”, willing to take off our sandals and come to the Holy Ground where God is and truly present… in this world’s realities itself… Can we see Jesus in the very existence of each living creatures and even with the non-living things on this earth. A query which continuous to echo and reverberates within our hearts. Sometimes, it’s just like a fairy tale which can remain a story unless and until, one dares to surmount its magic into reality…

Being immersed, we experienced that Love does not expect but only Trust. Love will always find that in losing one’s nature of loving, the strength to Love grows more and becomes blessings to all that it embraces. Love does not count and take the time- yesterday, today and tomorrow- for simply, Love exists and transcends beyond time and as God who is Love, will never fail. “For God so loved the world that he gave His One and Only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”(Jn. 3:16). We account ourselves to the Law of Love, and we realize that as we abide in it, we are transformed into an experience of love without reserve…without condition…. Despite of complexities, simply LOVE.

A shocked to the whole world is the COVID19. President Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine President announced Manila Lockdown, and the rests of Luzon including Bicol from March 15 to April 14, 2020. The rests of the islands had their preventive measures and lockdown arrangement after several days. It’s a heartbreaking pandemic disease that locked down many people to the grave and our mourning and prayers to those who died with it. No one is spared from the threat and no one can escape. We can only once again turn to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Twin Flames of Love, and entrust our lives to God above all these. Here in Bicol, there are 7 positive cases already; and only limited number of people in a limited number of hours can be observed outside. All establishments are closed down except market/food shops and water-refilling stations, medical facilities and pharmacies. Much that, the closer we were before, now, far and wide, distant and silent, just watching each other like a passerby. A Time provided to all of us to watch and pray, listen and obey, and trust and lean to God.

 The foundations of global security are threatened. The choices are at hand. Will we listen to the Wisdom of God and start to care the Earth in our little ways and means. Will we, as members of the Church and witnesses to the Gospel, stand, live out and proclaim the Word- Made-Flesh to people? Will our thoughts and actions, services and ways of living be a genuine conversion in Christ? Our call today is a call that echoes throughout the world… the call of inner transformation and integration. As we grow in our relationship with God, with others and even with our own self, we also learn to care, protect and save the humanity against the evil powers that is trying to rule the world; to conserve the natural resources and preserve the beauty and fragility of our only home… the Earth. Raising our consciousness and empowering other individuals and/or families with the Gospel values are means to respond God’s call for salvation, survival healing and restoration of the earth.

COVID19 invites us:

Care of our Common Home

Overcome fear by Prayer

Ventilate yourselves with Positive Energy

Initiate Reconciliation

Dare to be Prophets