St Valentine’s day at Daya Mina

St Valentine’s day celebrated  since 496 is associated with love and symbols of it such as hearts, roses chocolates etc

Youth are usually in the  midst of this whirl of activity  so the vent that took place at the Daya Mina day Center on the 14th February was noteworthy for its difference!

A group of university Students from the kelaniya university along with a few friends decided to bring love and happiness to the young persons with special needs and organised a fun day for them.

It was a lovely time as  the snaps show .. As one of  the leaders remarked; sharing joy and happiness with  these students was more meaningful than any external show. It was a peak moment in his life.

Thai Pongal – in Pattim

On the 15th January the Sisters and the Elders at “Santhom Elders Home” – in Pattim, Mannar, celebrated Thai Pongal with Holy Mass. It was a very happy and joyful event for all the Elders as well as the sisters.

Launching of the new website

We, the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary joyfully announce the launching of our newly designed website in expanding our ministry into cyberspace. After two months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch which took place in the Provincial House of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, on 11th October 2019. The new site launch is available, and the URL is     

The grand occasion was graced by His Eminence Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Tot Apostolic Nuncio. He blessed the occasion with the apostolic blessing of Pope Francis. His Eminence quoted from Pope and said, “The Net is an opportunity to promote encounter with others, to communicate and to share information”.


We organized an environment day to be celebrated in our community. We had cosmic Holy Eucharist celebration in our convent chapel. Rev Fr. Christy  explained in his homily the link between universe and the humanity which cannot be separated. The cosmic power that we breath continually is a free gift of God. He also said the power of cosmic God became man in His incarnation.  After the Holy eucharist  Fr. Christy blessed the plants and distributed, to a child, mother, father,youth and a senior person. We also planted a plant in our garden and gifted one to the parish priest to be planted in the parish garden. Our Montessori children too enjoyed planting trees. It was a meaningful celebration and happy day. We also had the prayer service and the Holy Hour on the 3rd of October.

Annual English day – Galle

The Annual English day of Sacred Heart Convent Montessori, Galle, for the year 2019 was held on the 30th of July at the Montessori Main hall. This year’s English day carried the theme of “Wonders of Sri Lanka”, with the intention of celebrating its beauty. The event was graced by Rev. Sr. Patsy Nesamalar, the principal of Sacred Heart Convent, Galle, as the chief guest and by Rev. Sr. Malkanthi Fernando, the mother superior of the Convent, as the guest of honour. The agenda was filled with speeches, displays, recitations and story- telling. The tiny heartiens however, did not fail to entertain the audience with their ballet dance to ‘let the children have a world’ and a couple dance, which added more colour to the day.

It provides a great platform for the little heartiens to share their talents as well as to improve their language skills. Thus, The English day successfully came to an end by keeping an important thought in everybody’s mind; “A clean earth is a happy earth: Grow green and save earth”.

First Profession in the Province

Two second year Novices made their first commitment on 24th of June 2019. The event took place in St.Joseph’s Convent, Kegalle. The chief celebrant was Rev.Fr.Sunil Rupasinghe SSS. Many SCJMs, and the family members were present for the occasion.